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Congratulations Sally

Another successful student, Sally has completed her practitioners course as well as receiving her Level 1 Certificate and her Level 2 "Witness" called "Honey Bun" (Which if you're old enough to remember was a character on TSW back in the 80's and 90's presented by Judi Spiers). Sally of course didn't have a clue what I was getting at. Such a striking resemblance... uncanny.

Also a big thank you for Joanna who came with her family Tomas and Marek who told us all about their auywaska experiences in the Czeck republic, about how it's cured them of all sorts of bad habits (eating meat, drinking alcohol etc) as well as their Yoga & Meditation retreat in India. Fascinating listening to.

Thank you to Katherine, a great friend who turned up to give moral support to everyone and who will be doing her level 1 and the same time as Dani (from Chicago) when she gets here just before the practitioners retreat.

Thanks again everyone for participating in a wonderful weekend of Reiki, Good food and Good company. Namaste

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