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Reiki Master Training Program


The Reiki Master’s Training Program does not have a specific time frame; it is more of an organic process that allows each student to move through the program at their own pace. Some students have moved through the program in as little as ten months others have chosen to go more slowly and train for three years.


Attending Reiki classes, completing a written assignment, doing Reiki treatments, and private consultations with your teacher are all part of the training program. There is one initiation at the Reiki Master Level.

“To be a Reiki Master is to hold a sacred trust. This purity of heart is the essence of what we have to share. I pray that together we can bring that purity forth to clarify the past, live what we teach and teach what we live.” ~ Carell Ann Farmer

Reiki Master Training

When you learn the first three levels of Reiki you are focused on your personal healing and how you can share Reiki with others. In the Reiki Masters Training Program you will revisit the teachings from the perspective of understanding the teachings in order to teach Reiki to others. The program is practical; I ask that you attend as many Reiki classes as possible. I will give you a written assignment which covers the topics from First Degree Reiki. Through this assignment you will have an opportunity to be accountable for each aspect of the foundation of the practice from First Degree Reiki and the additional teaching that goes with that level of training.

It is important to understand that I cannot make you a Reiki Master. The training program is an organic process that paves the way for the Reiki Master that is inside of you to rise to the surface. There is no way to predict how this may occur for anyone as the process is very individual.

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